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2023-04-27 09:57

Diplomats and citizens airlifted from Sudan as fighting gets intense

随着战斗愈演愈烈,多个国 家开始从苏丹撤侨



The U.S., UK, Germany, France, Italy, and China among several other countries conduct swift airlift operations in Sudan to evacuate their diplomats and citizens from the battle-affected areas.

美国、英国、德国、法国、意大利和中 国等几个国 家开始在苏丹开展撤离行动,迅速将其外交官和公民从受战区撤离。


Sudan’s military and the country’s powerful paramilitary force engaged in intense fights in Sudan, turning into a full-fledged civil war.

苏丹军队与该国另一支强大的准军事力量在苏丹境内激战,后逐渐演化为全 面内战。


The Chinese Embassy in Khartoum started collecting information on Chinese nationals in Sudan as Beijing is pacing its evacuation process. The 43rd Chinese naval escort task force ship arrived in Djibouti to conduct operations in Sudan. 

中 国驻苏丹大使馆表示,已经对在苏丹中 国公民进行信息统计,这也显示中方撤侨进入了倒 计时。日前,中 国海军第43批护航编队综合补给舰微山湖舰,根据编队任务计划,已经抵达吉布提港。


The U.S. and British forces announced on April 23, 2022, that they had flown their diplomats and citizens out of Sudan through airlift operations. The U.S. authorities said that some 100 people, mostly diplomats and their families, were airlifted from the Sudanese capital to an undisclosed location in Ethiopia by the U.S. special forces in three Chinook helicopters. Ethiopian authorities provided overflight refueling assistance to the U.S. special forces during the operation.



Thousands of private U.S. citizens are still present in the battle-torn country. U.S. President Joe Biden released a statement regarding the situation saying that his team is working “to the extent possible” to assist the remaining American citizens to evacuate from Sudan.

成千上万的美国公民仍然留在这个饱受战火蹂躏的国 家。美国总统乔·拜登jiu此情况发表声明说,他的团队正在“尽zui大可能”协助剩余的美国公民从苏丹撤离。


British Foreign Minister James Cleverly announced that British diplomats and their families had been evacuated from Sudan in a “complex and rapid” operation.  He said that there were “specific threats and violence directed towards diplomats” which led to the decision to evacuate staff.

英国外交大臣詹姆斯·克莱弗利宣布,英国外交官及其家属已通过“复杂而迅速”的行动从苏丹撤离。他说,发生“针对外交官的具体威胁和暴 力”导致了其撤离工作人员的决定。


He also announced that the British embassy to Sudan would be relocated to a nearby country until the situation comes to rest in Khartoum. Cleverly urged all British citizens present in Sudan to leave the country and advised them to stay in touch with the foreign ministry’s hotline that has been set up for those who need urgent help.

他还宣布,在喀土穆局势平息之前,英国驻苏丹大使馆将迁往附近的国 家。巧妙地敦促了在苏丹的所有英国公民离开该国,并建议他们与外交部热线保持联系,该热线是为那些需要紧急帮助的人设立的。



2023年4月15日,从苏丹喀土穆北部看到,在快速支援部队与军队发生冲突期间,哈法亚桥附近的恩图曼升起浓yan (Image Credit: Reuters/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah)


France has evacuated more than 100 people through an airlift operation, while Germany, Netherlands, and Italy are also conducting airlift operations to evacuate their diplomats and citizens. Citizens from Pakistan, Egypt, and Canada were also evacuated by sea to the Saudi Arabian port of Jeddah.

法国已经通过空运行动疏散了100多人,而德国、荷兰和意大利也在进行空运行动撤离其外交官和公民。来自巴基斯坦、埃及和加拿大的公民也通过海路撤离到了沙特阿 拉伯的吉达港。


Internet outage



A near-total collapse of the internet has been reported in Sudan as the critical infrastructure is being targeted by both sides to cut communication channels. According to an independent internet monitoring service, only 2% of the total population in Sudan has access to the internet at the moment.






The power struggle between the two-armed institution turned into a deadly civil war in Khartoum and other major cities on April 15, 2023. The Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Force (RSF) in the race to seize power.



The current crisis in Sudan can be dated back to 2019, when RSF, with the help of the army, overthrew Omar al-Bashir’s government after a series of nationwide protests. Soon after the coup, RSF started stationing itself in the country’s capital despite assuring democratic elections to the political factions of the country. Eventually, the two main actors of the 2019 coup, the army, and the RSF, turned on each other to capture power.

苏丹当前的危机可以追溯到2019年,当时苏丹军队在快速支援部队(RSF)的帮助下,经历了一系列全国性抗 议活动后推翻了奥马尔·巴希尔政 府。政变后不久,快速支援部队(RSF)开始驻扎在该国首都,尽管该国的领导人已通过民主选举。zui终,2019年政变的两个主要参与者-苏丹武装部队和快速支援部队为了夺权而互相攻击。



苏丹过渡政 府主 权委员会主 席和准军事快速反应部队负责人达加洛(左),苏丹武装部队领导布尔汉(Image Credit: AFP/Twitter/via TWI)


At the heart of the tensions is a dispute over the integration of the paramilitary force, led by General Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, into the armed forces, which is being spearheaded by General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan’s military.

苏丹紧张局势主要核心是由于阿卜杜勒·法塔赫·布尔汉率领的武装部队想将穆 罕默德·哈姆丹·达加洛领导的准军事部队并入其武装部队而产生的分歧。



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